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Effective Feedback & Listening at workplace


3000 INR / Professional 1500 INR / Student


90 Mins


About the Course

Constructive feedback is hard to give, but important to get. Learn how to make it an easy and natural part of your communication style in the third workshop on Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Being a good speaker isn't enough. Communication is more than knowing what you're talking about; it is about expressing yourself effectively.

In this workshop, we'll address the skills of understanding how feedback works, and how to make the most of your communication style.

Your Instructor

Prithwiraj Gupta

As a history post-graduate, Prithwi started out with a research-minded focus. Within a year, he picked up skills well beyond his professional experience and exposure. He brings boundless enthusiasm combined with sharp analytical thinking, excellent co-ordination, and growing managerial potential to the Timekeeper's team.

Prithwiraj Gupta
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