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Work Productivity


7000 INR / Professional 3500 INR / Student


3 Weeks


About the Course

Are you a busy professional looking to get more done in less time?

Our workshop is designed for people just like you. We’ll teach you how to set priorities and communicate effectively with others, while also giving tips for staying organized and maximizing your productivity potential. You’ll learn the secrets of mastering your workflow so that you can finally have some free time again!

Imagine having an extra hour or two each day to relax, spend time with friends and family, or even work on a side project. That’s what our program will help give back to you by teaching you how to be more productive than ever before!

Click here right now and sign up today for one of our workshops today!

Your Instructor

Mugdha Yelkar Kekre

Traveler, dog parent and an empowerment coach. I brings 14+ years of multidisciplinary experience across cultural heritage, rural tourism livelihoods and teaching roles. I have undertaken independent projects in heritage, tourism and R&D for organizations like IIT Delhi, State Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Raigad, INTACH, Mahratta Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture.

Mugdha Yelkar Kekre
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