My road to entrepreneurship - Timekeepers Heritage Consultants

I have always wondered - is entrepreneurship a latent switch? Does it exist in everyone which gets switched on under varied circumstances. Or is it a seed which blooms over a extended period of time depending on how much we nurture it.

Growing up in a liberal family with first generation entrepreneurs, I have had complete mental and creative freedom to envision a career for myself. And there are times when I have felt like a magic 8 ball. Every time I felt restless within me I asked myself to imagine standing at a crossroad - trying to identify the possible paths available to me and which one should I choose at that particular moment. In practical terms, questions have been seemingly simple ones - so do I want to work 14 hr workday or 6 hr one? Is the size of paycheck my measure of contentment or impact of the work I engage myself in? Do I want to be the one paving the path to someone else's vision and mission or do I want the flexibility to align my work to my own vision for myself.

And it so happens that along with being an entrepreneur's daughter and sister, I am now also a wife to one, invoking a constant comparative analysis being drawn between employment and self-employment. It has taken me ten years to realize that my professional path is going to be exploration based on process of elimination - meaning instead of having an epiphany like a switch being turned on, it has been like a seed that I have nurtured within me through years of full time employment, freelance projects and project based assignments.

I have finally arrived at a crossroad where I choose to give entrepreneurship my full attention. With a nervous flutter in my stomach, after having serious discussions about setting up company - I have registered one of my own, I am reading up on books outlining business models and value propositions, hired interns as a stepping stone to building teams and activating my network for professional associations.

For now, this is to declare to myself - Yes, as of December 2018, I am the Founder and Director of Timekeepers Consultants. May the force be with us.

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